Special Thanks To...

Joe Donkers For bringing the idea to the Community
Fred Campbell Our Community Radio "Guru", without whom this would never have happened
Hayward Boone For constructing our Radio Booth
Ron Moores From Clarkes Home Hardware for the free windows!
Kevin George From Island Manufacturing for the free galvanized antenna mast pole!
Paul Loder Webmaster & Logo Design
Dwayne Yetman Internet Streaming
Dave Brazil Our MHA and enthusiastic supporter
Gary Gosine Mayor of Bell Island

Principal Gary Petten & All the Staff at St. Michael's Regional High


Sponsors & Donations...

In March of 2012 Radio Bell Island held a fundraising campaign. We are grateful to the following for financial support:

Bell Island Businesses

The Town of Wabana
Dicks Restaurant & Lounge
Hunts Transport
Hurley's Trucking
Hammonds Construction
Todd Peddles Trucking
Boone General Contracting
Ghost Train Run Trucking
Expert Custom Moldings
House of Stoyles
Crafts & Decor
Bell Island Cottages
Clarkes Home Hardware
Bell Island Clover Farms
Ridgeway Variety
Easy Save
Beeso's Grocery
Island Wide Taxi
S&K Taxi
Fitzgerald's Taxi


Bell Island Organizations

Bell Island Heritage Society
Bell Island Kiwanis Club
RC Legion Bell Island
Clift Lodge #10
Knights of Columbus
RCMP Bell Island


Off the Island

The Telegram
Reid Music Ltd.
Time Masters
Extended Stay Hotel
Cluney Carpets
Ocean Quest
Martin Hammond Construction
Mae Design (CBS)
Dominion (CBS)
By the Beach (St Phillips)
Molly Maid (Guelph, ON)


Personal Donations

Dave Brazil
Susan Boone
Karen Bickford
Lorne King
Matt Hynes & Julie
Billy Neary
Hollie & Don Neary
Paul Smith
Matthew Young Jr.
Nicole Lahey
Jerome Warren
Nate Hammond
Rita McGrath
Pat & Virginia King
Mary Hurley
The Doherty Family
Wally & Bonnie Mae French
Natalie McNeil
Bob & Janet Reid
Diana Jones & Blair
Eileen Beeso
The Hospital Staff
Perry Carter
Destiny Carroll
Amber & Granville Hunt
Ralph & Josephine Lewis
Brian Beeso
Calvin & Brad Gosse
Rod Bickford
Des & Teddy McCarthy
Ches & Tina Madigan
Dorothy & Ray Whalen
Constable Raymond Whalen
Eddie & Amanda Hurley
Walt King Sr.
Ricky Hawco

Rodney Lahey
Greg Power
Graham Barrett
Ken Barrett
Wanda & George Byrne
Bernie & Janet Brazil
Nicole Neary
Gloria & Charlie Bickford
Carol Hawko & Leo Fitzgerald
Chellis Parsons & Family
Eddie & Doris O'Brien
Dorothy & Frank Dalton
Edith & Jessica Curnew
Pat Mansfield & Family
Marilyn Neary Nickerson
In Memory of Thomas & Marion Gear
Gavin & Billy
Karen Hunt
Catherine & Riv Ford
Sam & Jill Rose
F Reid Proudfoot
Terry Parsons
Stan McDonald
Bonita Power
Bill Kavanagh
Winnie Farrell
Don Kolonel
Helen Hambly
Sean McCann
Craig Young
     Paul Loder
     Jamie Wilkinson
     Curtis Peckham
     Chris Martin
     Mike Jenkins