Schedule as of January 25th, 2015
Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM Bell Island Playlist Oldies Playlist Classic Country Playlist Celtic Playlist Rock + Pop Playlist NL Playlist NL Playlist
8:30 AM
9:00 AM "Sunrise Sunday" w/Terry Skehans
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
12:00 PM

Eclectic Lunch "Classical Gas"

Eclectic Lunch "Get The Blues" Eclectic Lunch "Around The World" Eclectic Lunch "French Cuisine" "Country Kenny" w/Kenny Stanford "Country Kenny" w/Kenny Stanford
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Folk Playlist Folk Playlist Folk Playlist Folk Playlist
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM Tamsyn Rocks Naomi & Matthew
3:30 PM
4:00 PM "Stan Laid Back" w/Stan MacDonald Folk Playlist "The Root Sellar" w/Kelly Russell "Blast From The Past" w/Henry Crane
4:30 PM
5:00 PM "Time Machine" w/Charis Maloy Dave Rose Show Dave Rose Show Bell Island Playlist
5:30 PM A Time In Pigeon Inlet
6:00 PM "Outside The Box" w/Sara Johnson Radio Bell Bingo
6:30 PM
7:00 PM "New Found Records" w/Wayne Tucker
7:30 PM

"Let's Talk"  w/Glenn Brazil

8:00 PM "Eastern Passage" w/Craig Mills T~N~T TBA "Murder & Mayhem" w/Amanda Crane
8:30 PM
9:00 PM Folk Playlist Folk Playlist Folk Playlist Folk Playlist NL Playlist NL Playlist Folk Playlist
9:30 PM
10:00 PM

 The NL & Folk music playlist runs from the time on the schedule to 8:00 AM the next morning every day.