Sunday Bingo

In June of 2013, RBI had its first Radio Bingo. Each week since, it has grown bigger then anyone could have imagined. Now it serves as a fundraiser for Radio Bell Island, Tourism Bell Island, and many other groups in the community.

How the Pot Works

The Jackpot starts at $2500 and gets increased depending on sales each week until it is either won, or maxes out at $7500. This amount will vary week to week. Once the jackpot maxes out, the amount gets added on to the consolation prize each week.

Where to buy cards

  • Clarke & Clarke's Home Hardware
  • Jim Yick's Service Store
  • Bayview Variety
  • Clover Farm Supermarket
  • Co-op Bakery
  • Easy Save
  • Minny Jane Convenience
  • Norm's Irving
  • Sub Shack & Variety
  • Ridgeway Variety
  • Wabana Boys and Girls Club